ATB Place - TELUS House


Afterhours Call Centre HVAC

This project involved installation of new motorized dampers in existing induction supply and return ducts on each floor from Concourse to 17th Floors. The new motorized dampers will allow the building operator to provide supply air to portions of the building after normal working hours for effectively serving the Telus Afterhours call centre.

Chilled Water System Upgrade

This project was to design and upgrade the existing chilled water system at south tower. The existing chilled water system consists of 3 chillers 2 at 900 tons, one at 300 tons and pumping system with VFD drives. A new BTU meter has been added to the system and all the 3-way control valves were retrofitted to 2-way control valves. A new control sequence of operation in place to control the chiller staging with the building actual cooling load. Antisipated energy saving estimated between 20% to 30% for the chilled water system after installation completed.

Mechanical System Review

A review of the ATB Place South Building mechanical systems identified several areas of recommended action to replace older aging equipment with new, such as higher efficient models steam boilers, deaerator, condensate and surge tanks and so forth. The review also identifies several areas where a combination of changes to operating procedures and physical changes to the mechanical plant may significantly reduce energy consumption and also provide increased occupant comfort. It was recommended to revise the control strategies for mixed air in air handlers.

Induction System Winter Mode

ES Engineering has been retained by the Building Property Management to modify and re-design the control strategy of the lower and upper floor induction system. This new system has provided for a seasonal switchover from cooling mode operation to an individual zone heating mode operation using the summer cooling coil in each induction cabinet as a heating coil in winter mode.

Induction Pump VFDs Investigation

This investigation outlines a review of the introduction of the VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) to the induction pumps at TELUS Plaza South Building mechanical systems. The report is highlighted the annual cost savings and the payback period by the introduction of variable frequency drives known as VFD to the lower and upper floor pumps.