Canada Place


Passport Canada Office

To accommodate the relocation of the Passport Canada office in the Canada Place building, located on Jasper Avenue, major revisions to the mechanical system serving the space to be occupied was required.

Removal of existing mechanical services was kept to a minimum to avoid unnecessary work and expenses. A new design was created to work seamlessly with any existing services. The new mechanical design includes heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, and fire protection.

Due to the relatively large amount of people that will be present in the office, this presented special design considerations which were vitally important and needed to be addressed properly to create a comfortable environment for staff and customers.

Canada Revenue Agency Office

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) required a substantial area for their office space in Canada Place. Similar to the Passport Canada office, mechanical revisions were required to the existing space before the space could be occupied. Removal of some of the existing mechanical services was required to accommodate the needs of the CRA while any modifications to the existing mechanical system were kept to a minimum.

A new mechanical system including HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection services was designed to serve this renovated office space and its tenants comfortably.

Western Economic Diversification Office

The tenant fit out for the Western Economic Diversification office required the addition of a ducted air conditioning unit. Much of the existing ductwork and equipment was to remain while new air outlets were added to the existing ducts.

A plumbing system was designed for the staff’s dining room and kitchenette to serve this renovated office space and its tenants comfortably.

Fire protection services including a design for the sprinkler head layout was created. Material costs were kept to a minimum since many existing sprinkler heads were reused. The addition of a few new heads was necessary to meet code and fit with the tenant layout of the office.