Labatt Breweries


Mechanical Energy Study

A thorough review and study of the existing ventilation system serving the office and packaging areas together with Cellar 6 no-frost cooling unit to determine the current condition of the equipment and provide recommendations to improve indoor air quality and provide energy efficient systems in the buildings heating, ventilation systems. In this study, the existing ventilation systems were evaluated for condition as well as the possibilities for implementing energy reduction measures.

It was concluded and recommended that the used of the heat recovery system was the best option in order to save energy as well as savings for the cost of equipment and annual maintenance cost. Also, it provides comfort to the occupants and safety in compliance with the new air quality requirements and Canadian Building Codes.

Welding Shop Ventilation Upgrading

ES Engineering was retained by Labatt Breweries to perform review of the existing Welding Shop Section as well as recommendation to upgrade the existing ventilation and heating system.