Shaw - Girard Hub Site


ES Engineering was retained by Shaw Communications as the prime consultant for the Shaw Hub – Girard project. As the prime consultant, ES Engineering not only managed the other engineering disciplines such as electrical, structural and architectural as required to properly complete the project, but also handled construction administration to ensure construction conformed to the prepared construction drawings, standards and specifications. Also, ES Engineering acted as the primary contact and source of information for the client.

The design included provision of demolition, construction, plumbing, and fire protection plans along with equipment schedules and details. This project included the selection of a new air handling unit and Liebert air conditioning units, the installation of a packaged emergency power gen-set, a new electrical switchgear, a transformer, wiring, cable trays, emergency power, and lighting. There were also modifications and additions to the existing fire sprinkler system to provide a new double interlocked pre-action sprinkler system.