HSBC Building - EDM


Suite 800

This project involved installation of two fan coil units for cooling the space after normal working hours. The new fan coil units were completed with an outdoor mounted air cooled condensing unit. New supply ductwork, low velocity complete with duct insulation and supply air outlets were added. A new roof mounted condensing unit sized to match cooling coil size with refrigerant piping and insulation were installed. An outside air system was installed in conjunction with the new fan coil units to provide ventilation air for occupants.

Floor 5, 9, 11 VAV Box Replacement

This project was to replace the existing original building variable air volume (VAV) terminal boxes. The new terminal boxes were completed with new pneumatic controllers. New supply ductworks, low velocity complete with duct insulation were replaced in certain areas. Supply air outlets were added/relocated.

Floor 5, 9, 11 HVAC Review

ES Engineering was retained by Dream Realty to review the capacity and performance of the 5th, 9th and 11th floors of the HSBC Building.

New Heating Pumps

This project was to outline requirements to replace existing heating pumps for perimeter radiation system.

New Humidification System

This project was to install GTS Gas-fired steam humidifier and water softener in the mechanical room.

Humidification System Review

ES Engineering was retained by Dundee Realty Management to investigate and advise regarding the present humidification system operating at the HSBC Building.