Shaw - Blatchford Hub Site


ES Engineering was retained by Shaw Communications as the prime design consultant for their new Blatchford hub site in Edmonton, Alberta. As the prime consultant, ES Engineering was responsible for managing all of the design disciplines (architectural, structural, and electrical) and was also responsible for handling and delegating construction administration to ensure construction conformed to the construction documents (drawings, specifications, and standards).

The mechanical design included demolition, plumbing system design, and HVAC system design. Consisting of primarily a Network Equipment Room, where cooling is critical, ES Engineering designed a cooling system that is equipped with both direct expansion (DX) mechanical cooling and evaporative cooling. As well, if the outdoor air conditions are suitable, the cooling system is capable of free cooling the Network Equipment Room by providing up to 100% outdoor air into the space. The combination of both evaporative cooling and free cooling offers significant energy savings while the DX cooling offers further cooling performance when required. The design concept of "hot" aisles and "cold" aisles was used while locating supply air locations throughout the Network Equipment Room's raised floor and return air locations throughout the Room's T-Bar ceiling.