TELUS - Pelican Radio Renewable Energy Addition


In a push to move away from fossil fuel energy generation in remote facilities, TELUS brought on ES Engineering to provide feasibility review, design, and technical project management services for the addition of a renewable energy system.

The resulting installation features a 30 kW solar array to provide power to the telecommunications equipment on site. As this remote site is off-grid, it was essential for backup power production to compliment the solar array, ensuring constant power availability for the site’s operation. Existing diesel generators were left in place, but were tied to the new solar installation’s battery bank. If a generator is required to run, it can now operate at its highest efficiency setpoint, while simultaneously providing power to the site and charging the batteries with the surplus power production. When the battery bank is charged, the generator will shut down and allow the site to be powered from the batteries again, further reducing emissions.

It is estimated that ES Engineering’s design will decrease fuel consumption by up to 70% annually, providing both operating cost savings and significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.